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Quote from SDA Pastor:

It is possible that she may have spoken something from her best judgment that was not correct. She herself gives us examples of this kind of thing--matters of judgment that God later revealed as being incorrect.

My first assumption is not that she is wrong, but that I have overlooked something myself. I don't assume she is wrong every time I found an apparent contradiction. I have had enough evidence to see the genuineness of her relationship with Jesus and the reliability of her statements.

I think you are saying, is there a principle of interpretation that allows her to be wrong on a major doctrine but still believable. Is that correct?

If there isn't such a principle, and I deem something she teaches unbiblical, does that not disqualify her?

Judging her as false on the basis of my own particular view of a passage or on the basis of the most negative view of her own words is not being fair to her. I must recognize the possibility that my view is lacking particulars that she was privileged to see.

Quote from SDA Pastor:

From your vigorous reaction to the Scriptural evidence I have mentioned, it is apparent why you cannot deal with the same kind of thing in Ellen White's writings.

I'll bet your historic Adventist brother believes that the Bible is God's Word, that it is inspired, and that it should be obeyed. The theoretic construct being argued by formers ignores the evidence of human individuality everywhere apparent in Scripture.

Quote from Ellen White:

"There are many questions treated upon that are not necessary for the perfection of the faith. We have no time for their study. Many things are above finite comprehension. Truths are to be received not within the reach of our reason, and not for us to explain. Revelation presents them to us to be implicitly received as the words of an infinite God. While every ingenious inquirer is to search out the truth as it is in Jesus, there are things not yet simplified, statements that human minds cannot grasp and reason out, without being liable to make human calculation and explanations, which will not prove a savor of life unto life." (Selected Messages, Vol 1, page 163)

Quote from the Seventh-day Adventist Church:

Prophecy – Where once it seemed important to have a modern day prophet to warn and instruct us as we prepare for the second coming of Jesus, it is now inconvenient to accept Ellen White’s pointed counsel about personal changes. My, the list is endless! So we look for reasons not to read her; some say she might have simply copied large portions of the material in her books; the church was so legalistic in the past, she probably just flowed with the times. Now our emphasis is on salvation through Jesus, full and complete. Total serious consideration of the prophetic messages from Ellen White = ZERO. (Tom Mostert, President Pacific Union Conference, August 2007 Pacific Union Recorder, President’s Perspective, page 3)



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