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December 1 , 2007

(Regarding a "Sunday Law") I think I would be more concerned about a "Friday Law".

Ghostrider 3

The Adventist saved thermometer has a gradient from 1 to 5.

1.Baptized into the Adventist church. Possibly Saved.
2.Attends Sabbath church most times. Getting saveder.
3.Attend Sabbath church every Sabbath and eats vegetables. Really getting saved.
4.Attends Sabbath church, eats vegetables, don’t smoke, don’t drink. Really cookin fer God.
5.Attends Sabbath church, eats vegetable, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t cuss, only weighs 250 Lbs, am a doctor. Gotter made hoss. Now get outta my seat.


Wake up you sluggards!!!

I would rejoin, no doubt, first I'd get a generator at least 2 kilowatt, hook it to my home electrical system, then get a propane system, I'd light all 4 burners on Friday afternoon, so would not have to start a fire, move next to the church so I did not have to travel more than a sabbath days journey to get to church.

I'd set all my lights to auto sensors for sabbath, and purchase pre-made meals.

Of course I'd lock my mail box shut for sabbath and would draw my blinds so I would not feel guilty if my neighbor needed help.

Then of course I'd pay back tithe to the White Estate, and get a large 28X20 glossy picture of Ellen and hang it in my entry.

After I'd gotten all that done I'd buy hundreds of Red books from the used book store and wall paper my walls with the precious jewels of wisdom.

Then I'd sell my flat screen or at least defeat the tuner so the only channel it got was 3ABN, now that that is settled I'd go back to the Miller charts and start recalculating the date of Christ's return, with that new date settled, I would proceed to sell my home and
move to a tar paper shack in the remote regions of Alaska.

There would some other details that would need attending to such as the matter of changing my name to Pious Catholic the 3rd, my wife would most likely use the assumed name Mary V. Catholic.

We would of course convert our cash into gold and store it safely somewhere, now this may seem a little extreme but I think I would have my hands cut off so they could not receive the mark, now my forehead I'd just have the 4th commandment tattooed there in Hebrew English and Greek, it of course goes without saying that we would keep a fresh picture of Jim Jones Kool Aid in the fridge.

Parameter sensors would be helpful too, as well as a stock pile of ammunition, I shouldn't tell you this because I just know someone will beat me to the punch but I would consider it a wise choice to exhume the body's of James and Ellen and use the bone as demoniac repellent devices, just like the bones of Elisha.

Now we all know that in the end times the people we trust most will turn against us so I would request my name to be removed from the church records, I know this could seriously jeopardize my salvation so I would keep sending my gold coins to the conference in a plain unmarked box.

The issues of righteousness I would have to solve on my own so I would construct a good Methodist confessional in my home, I would also consider having one eye removed it's better to enter the kingdom with just one eye Jesus said and that way I would not be tempted to see to much.

A baptismal tank would be required for a daily dunking just in case I slipped up, I'd use only water from the Battle Creek river and lye soap to make sure I was ceremonially and ritually clean.

Small problems of sinning without a mediator would still haunt me so I would consider a home lobotomy kit from Homedics TM. all rights reserved.

I would pay Victor copious amounts of gold to help me install a short wave untraceable transmitter with an INTERNET interface so I could proclaim the 3 angels message of the good news of the sabbath to all the world.

There would be no doubt that I would before my departure to bush Alaska record the names of the unfaithful sabbath breakers which never came to my home to remind me of the need to repent.

Magic Markers, would be purchased in great quantity to black out the erroneous parts of scripture which address the heretical belief that I am saved by grace alone, and colored ones to highlight the book of James and the true means whereby we are saved obedience to the law.

Now that I've done all I can do I can only pray that God will somehow see my piety and see me through to the end, I'm sure as I think about it more things will come up, I'll post all the difficult requirements as soon as I get my world wide service up and running.

I know everything you said is true because last summer my wife tried to buy a bottle of wine in Maine on a Sunday and they said it was illegal, the handwriting is on the wall people, wake up you sluggards time is short your characters must be in perfect harmony with the divine will else all will be lost what we should have been doing over the last 160 years must now be done in months.


Does the Investigative Judgment deny the full atonement of Christ?

There is no way these two can stand together. The Sanctuary theory and the Investigative Judgment throws the whole weight of salvation clearly back on the shoulders of men, tears Christ down, not lifting him up before men.


I'm not confident of the salvation of most Adventists.

Last night at women's Bible study, Elizabeth Inrig did her teaching before we split into our small groups. We're studying Revelation, and last night covered the last part of chapter 9 and chapter 10. She prefaced her remarks by talking about the false teachers and the "spirit of antichrist" that are prophesied to come. (She is very aware of the relatively large number of people who attend her study with some exposure to and confusion from Adventism.)

She said no matter how good a group's teachings sound, you have to test the spirit. She said there are two ways to test the spirits: 1) whom do they say Jesus really is? She said if they are "off" on the Trinity and diminish Jesus, they are from a wrong spirit. 2) What do they say about salvation? She said that if they add anything—the law or not marrying or food requirements (yes, she said the "food" thing...) it is another gospel. And, she said, "another gospel" doesn't mean there are two or three gospels from which to choose. "Another gospel" is a false gospel and does not present the way to be saved. A group that teaches this is a false church.

Then she said something that took my breath away and caused two ladies at my table who have past roots in Adventism to look at me with amazement. She said, "I know some of you aren't going to like this, but if there is a false church, SATAN is behind it." She said it, actually, with great passion—in fact, I've not heard her that intense in public very often.

YES, Elizabeth!


Heres the rub. While Adventists look for evidence of Adentist distinct behavors like Sabbath keeping, health message and all that is Adventist, the Bible tells us it's our love for one another that they may know we are of God. While many are in the Adventist circle trying to be fruit inspectors, they are inspecting the wrong fruit. It's a no brainer why some of the kindest and nicest Christ exulting, Christ magnifing, Christ loving people leave a body of people called the Remnant, who exhibit no love, and no gospel, to join a body of believers who continually manifest the richest of Christian love at every turn. This type of love only comes and manifests through a daily reminder of the glories and mercies of Christ and what He has done to secure the salvation of all that depend on Him by faith alone. It does not come by looking to the external things of religion but by the indwelling of The Holy Spirit of God. We should not look for the Adventist distinctives, but we should look for the love of God being manifested through the life...by this we will know!


If you're gonna be a vegetarian, be one - don't try to imitate meat.


The Gospel is the message. The Gospel is not just "part of the First Angel's Message." The Gospel is not an "integrating theme" to tie together all of the distinctive Adventist doctrines. The Gospel is not the "milk" that we should present first before getting to what Adventists consider the "meat." Let's stop putting the Sabbath and the IJ and EGW and the health message and all of the other beliefs to which so many Adventists attribute salvific significance on equal footing with the Gospel. Jesus is the truth. The Gospel is all about Him. Anything that obscures that is a false gospel.


At the very last communion I took part in at the SDA church we were standing in the little circle like the Who's singing Blessed be the tie that binds ( like we had for the last million years) and the lady holding my hand whispered to me, right in the middle of the song, "I have an Ellen White Book I would like you to read". I whispered back "I don't believe in Ellen White". She whispered back "What?". I whispered back "She was a false prophet". She whispered back "I would like to discuss this with you, I think I could change your mind." I whispered back "I would love that, because I think I could change your mind". All of this going on while holding hands and singing. That was the last time she ever spoke to me. I attended for months after that and she never spoke to me again, not a single word. She knelt and prayed with me, washed my feet, held hands and sang with me, but I dared to speak against the almight EGW and she never spoke to me again. That just clinched it for me about the footwashing. Hypocrisy in action.


Her reaction just shows clearly that Ellen White is the true dividing wall in Adventism. If you are an adherent of her writings, you're "in." If you don't, you're "out." The core stronghold in Adventism is Ellen White, not Jesus Christ.



Adventism's Gnostic DNA keeps trying to add the "present truth". That was the common theme in early Christian Gnosticism. It wasn't good enough to be a Christian.

Psst. We are God's special people, because we have some "special knowledge that no one else has". God gave it just to us, and no one else. You have to join our club to be an "insider".

Adventism is a modern day form of Gnosticism. Yes. We "respect" the Bible, but we have the Lord's Messenger to give us "present truth". To the Gnostic it is all about "present truth". The Bible is never adequate, is it?

Gilbert Jorgensen

The reason I was mesmerized and enamoured with Adventism is that I didn't know the Scriptures!


I worship my Savior on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In addition I start each week with a special time where our family meets with like minded Christians and we:

  1. praise God for his unfathomable mercy and grace
  2. encourage and build each other up
  3. instruct one another
  4. encourage spirit of unity
  5. pray for each other
I feel that there is a special blessing to be gained by putting God first in everything we do.



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