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Heard on the Street!

November 24, 2007

"Jud lake reminds me of a Teacup Chihuahua dancing around the feet of an elephant in his answer to Dale's message (Specific Response to Dale Ratzlaff's Fourteen Questions).

He danced around, running and nipping and yapping while Dale, the elephant, just stood there grounded in the Word.

He ran out there, and circled around, and yapped himself silly simply because an elephant walked in the door, but the elephant ain't budging so all he can do is run around yapping and yipping.

Reading what Jud Lake had to say is like running into a sewer pipe, you have to run in, run out and take another deep breath and run back in again, but you can't stay long in there.



Adventism's end-time message was formed during the shut-door years. It has in its DNA a tendency to shift the focus from the most important message of the gospel. Zeal for Christ was what brought about the real Millerite fervor, confused on time as it was. But it was lost by those who believed the door was shut. Their zeal was focused on the twin present truths of the sabbath and sanctuary. Those WERE the message for the end times. This is the legacy of the shut-door that continues today. The gospel is on the back burner. (For any truth that is not PRESENT must be something else...old? archaic? outmoded?)

This is a tragedy! Accepting Christ IS the reason to celebrate. It is the testing truth. It is the message.



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