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Seventh-day Adventism vs. Christianity

Core Doctrines
It is absolutely critical that Core Doctrine #1 be firmly agreed upon before any of the remaining Core Doctrines are studied.

  1. Ellen White or Holy Scripture - Which is the final court of appeal?
  2. Belief in God?
  3. The Human Condition
  4. Jesus Christ
  5. The Work of Christ
  6. The Holy Spirit
  7. The Church
  8. Christian Living
  9. Christ's Return
  10. Response and Eternal Destiny

Potential Lead-in Subjects of Special Interest to Seventh-day Adventists
These subjects are suitable for lead-in studies to Core Doctrine #1. They are simple and straight-forward, and are great for demonstrating how Ellen White contradicts the Bible.

  1. Gift of Prophecy
  2. Michael the Archangel
  3. Tithing

Potential Subjects of Special Interest to Seventh-day Adventists to Study after Core Doctrines
It is absolutely critical that the Core Doctrines be studied in sequence before these subjects are studied! Adventists consider Ellen White to be the infallible interpreter of Scripture, while Christians use the Bible as their final court of appeal. This conflict must be resolve before any meaningful dialog can take place on these subjects.

  1. 1844 and the Investigative Judgment
  2. Great Controversy
  3. Remnant Church
  4. Sabbath
  5. Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast
  6. State of the Dead
  7. Three Angels Messages
  8. Time of Trouble, Universal Sunday Law and the Universal Death Decree


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