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How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word?

This poor Bible text has been so badly mutilated by the SDA Clear Word Bible that it doesn't even begin to resemble the Bible version.


Daniel 8:9-14 (King James Version)

9 And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land.

10 And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them.

11 Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of the sanctuary was cast down.

12 And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.

13 Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

14 And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.




Daniel 8:9-14 (New International Version)

9 Out of one of them came another horn, which started small but grew in power to the south and to the east and toward the Beautiful Land.

10 It grew until it reached the host of the heavens, and it threw some of the starry host down to the earth and trampled on them.

11 It set itself up to be as great as the Prince of the host; it took away the daily sacrifice from him, and the place of his sanctuary was brought low.

12 Because of rebellion, the host of the saints and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. It prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground.

13 Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to him, "How long will it take for the vision to be fulfilled—the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, the rebellion that causes desolation, and the surrender of the sanctuary and of the host that will be trampled underfoot?"

 14 He said to me, "It will take 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary will be reconsecrated."

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.


Daniel 8:9-14 (SDA Clear Word Bible)

9 Now one of the little horns sprouted a very tiny horn. Soon it grew bigger and stronger than the other four combined. And as it grew it first pointed south, then east and finally toward the Promised Land.

10 It grew so strong that it didn't hesitate to challenge the power of heaven and trample on the people of God.

11 It got to the place where it even defied the Prince of heaven, put an end to the daily sacrifices and ministrations and cast down and destroyed the place of His Sanctuary.

12 Because of their sins, the people of God were given over to this power, and the services of the Temple ceased. Then I saw the little horn change its appearance and attack the truth about the Sanctuary of God and the daily intercession in heaven. The little horn practiced and prospered.

13 Now one of the angels said something to my angel and my angel asked him the very question I wanted to ask. He said, "How long will God let the little horn try to take God's place? How much longer will God continue to let it pervert the truth about Himself and the Sanctuary in heaven and allow it to persecute His people?"

14 He said to him, "After two thousand three hundred prophetic days (or two thousand three hundred years), God will step in, proclaim the truth about Himself and restore the ministry of the Sanctuary in heaven to its rightful place. This is when the judgment will begin, of which the cleansing of the earthly sanctuary was a type."

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