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Exposing Adventism - Take the tithe test

Take the following True or False quiz to see how much your really understand about tithing. I predict that many of you will be surprised. Record your answers.

  1. The Lord Jesus Christ would have tithed. True or False?
  2. Simon Peter, originally a fisherman, would have tithed of the fish that he caught. True or False?
  3. Everyone in the Old Testament seeking to obey the Law of Moses would have tithed. True or False?
  4. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek in the same way that believers tithe to the Lord Jesus Christ. True or False?
  5. The Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples that they should tithe. True or False?
  6. There are many examples of people tithing of their incomes in the Bible. True or False?
  7. The New Testament teaches that we should tithe to ministers in the same way that Jews tithed to the Priests. True or False?
  8. The Bible teaches that God’s standard for giving is ten-percent. True or False?
  9. The righteous poor tithed in the Old Testament. True or False?
  10. Since everyone is held to the same standard, tithing is fair to everyone. True or False?
Bonus Question. The Bible teaches that everyone should give ten-percent of their ongoing income. True or False?

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Dennis Fischer - Posted on Saturday, August 16, 2008:

If you don't pay tithe God may strike your favorite horse or cow dead (Test. Vol. 2, p. 661)

If you don't pay tithe church members should not pray for you when ill (Healthful Living, p. 121 "Prayer for the Sick")

If you don't pay tithe God may not answer your prayers. (COL, p. 144)

If you don't pay tithe God won't bless you. (CS, p. 87)

If you don't pay tithe you don't trust God and may fall into your grave. (Test. Vol. 2, p. 199)

If you don't pay tithe the records in heaven show you are an embezzler. (Test., Vol. 3, p. 394)

If you don't pay back tithes you will be cursed of God. (TM, p. 306)

If you don't pay tithe you shouldn't be called a Christian. (Test., Vol. 4, 476)

If you don't pay tithe you will be poverty stricken. (Test., Vol. 6, p. 449)

If you don't pay tithe you will not be worthy of everlasting life. (Test., Vol. 3, p. 408)

If you don't pay tithe the Lord will reduce your income. (Test., Vol. 4, p. 484)

If you don't tithe unfaithfulness to God is written in heavenly record. (Test., Vol. 6, p. 391)

If you don't have money for food you must endure privation and pay tithe first. (SM, Vol. 2, p. 212)

If you don't pay tithe God won't bless you. (CS, p. 87)

If you don' pay tithe you lie to the Holy Ghost. Test., Vol. 4, pp. 469-470)

If you haven't been paying tithe you must confess your sin and pay up. (CS, p. 95)

Even young children are commanded to pay tithe. (AH, p. 389)

"If a Christian has ten or twenty thousand dollars, God's claims are imperative upon him, not only to give his proportion according to the tithing system, but to present his sin-offering and thank offerings to God." ("The Claims of Mrs. EGW As Stated By Herself" Tract No. 1, p. 16. See also: Test. Vol. 1, pp. 390;391;394;405;510)

SDA leaders insist members sell property or get bank loan to repay back tithe:

"Pay Back Tithe...If we have been delinquent in returning God's tithe, we should consider our best possible approach should be in making restoration and then religiously do something about it...Some may choose to add specified extra amount in their regular tithe each week or month...others may choose to sell a piece of property or go to the bank.." ("It's Square Up Time," a small pamphlet "Time to Tithe" published by the Department of Stewardship and Development, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)

Since official Adventism teaches that ignorance is no excuse for sin, why don't they require new converts to pay back tithe as well? After all, why allow "embezzlers" and "thieves" to become active in local church life? Obviously, SDA evangelism would grind to a sudden halt if they applied their own standards on new converts. Moreover, how could typical middle-aged and/or elderly prospective SDA members afford to pay all their back tithe in their remaining years of life? I suppose they could switch to vegetarian dog food instead of eating choplets to show their intense remorse and thereby help replenish the ever-draining coffers of the SDA hierarchy.

Another largely overlooked and/or ignored aspect of tithing in our economy is the issue of unequal sacrifice. For example, a tither earnly merely $10,000.00 per year has a much greater financial burden for the basic needs of life than the tither earning $100,000.00 per year (even flat tax proponents and the IRS allow an exemption for low income).

The truth is that the Gospel breeds generosity wherever it takes root. With Spirit-led or grace giving, the Christian no longer yearns for the laws of Moses to finance the Great Commission.

His grace still amazes me,

Dennis Fischer


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