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Ellen White has numerous statements regarding the necessity of overcoming "unconscious" sin. With all the preoccupation that Adventists have on telling others that they need to "keep" the Sabbath, it is no wonder that Adventists don't have either the time or the energy to achieve the perfection required so God can be "vindicated"! What a sad order of misplaced priorities.

Here are some references:

  • 3T 364; RH Aug. 6, 1889 ("Your circumstances have served to bring new defects in your character to your notice; but nothing is revealed but that which was in you")
  • That I May Know Him, p. 290 ("His eye . . . searches every chamber of the mind, detecting all lurking self-deception")
  • 2 BC 1020 (concerning the inhabitants of Keilah)
  • DA 437 (James’ and John’s unconscious sin)
  • 5 BC 1152 (Peter’s)
  • RH Sept. 25,1900, and Dec. 15, 1904 (clear statements on Laodicean message and unconscious sin)
  • DA 639 ("unconscious of their guilt")
  • 7T 210, 211 ("undiscovered traits of character that must come to light")
  • 4T 85 ("hidden defects . . . moral machinery of their own hearts")
  • 5T 472, 473 only in "the closing up of the great day of atonement" will God’s people be "fully conscious of the sinfulness of their lives").
  • See PP 201, 202, 357, 358 to see how the sanctuary service is a type of removing previously unconscious sin from the heart),2 SM 70
  • PP 419 ("unconsciously fell into sin")
  • DA 58 and RH June 12, 1900 (crucifixion of Christ is man’s unconscious sin)
  • see RH Nov. 10, 1896 for a statement on how the final judgment will disclose the hidden content of the sinner’s unconscious mind.
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