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Exposing Adventism - Angels turn away when we sin

Seventh-day Adventism's prophetess, Ellen White, tells us that the angels turn away when we sin.

Brother Hull, you were shown me under the soothing influence of a fascination which will prove fatal unless the spell is broken...I saw that angels of God were looking sorrowfully toward you. They had left your side and were turning mournfully away, while Satan and his angels were grinning in exultation over you. If you had yourself battled with your doubts and not encouraged the devil to tempt you, by talking out your unbelief and loving to dwell upon it, you would not have attracted the fallen angels about you in such numbers. But you chose to talk your darkness; you chose to dwell upon it; and the more you talk and dwell upon it, the darker and darker you grow. You are shutting out from you every ray of heaven's light; and a great gulf is coming between you and the only ones who can help you. If you proceed in the way you have started, misery and woe are before you. God's hand will arrest you in a manner that will not suit you. His wrath will not slumber. (Testimonies, Vol. 1, pp. 429, 430)

Where in Scripture does it teach this?

I can't help but wonder how many times her handsome young man angel guide of 26 years had to turn away from her when she sinned?

Considering that Ellen White was frequently "seeing" things, I'm sure the "sin of excessive seeing" didn't help her either!

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