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Exposing Adventism - Salvation outside Adventism less desirable, risky.

Adventism seems to know no bounds to its narcissistic attitude toward the rest of the body of Christ. I can't even imagine a Christian denomination publicly making a statement like this. This was produced by the General Conference president. When leadership displays such a openly hostile attitude toward the rest of the body of Christ, is it any wonder that the rest of the Seventh-day Adventist leadership follows suit?

"We shun the perception of being arrogant, and we don't want to come across as being overly exclusive, but at the same time we believe that being Seventh-day Adventists has direct bearing on our salvation; that while a believer can be saved as a Catholic, I would risk my whole spiritual life and salvation were I to leave what I am now and join any other community." (Jan Paulsen, The Theological Landscape – Adventist Review - October, 2002)

Adventists will tell you that the implication of this next statement is that, "Yes. It is possible to be saved and not be an Adventist, but only if you have never been presented with the special truths only Adventism has to offer. Once you "have been informed" of the special truths that Adventism offers, to reject those truths means eternal damnation.

Here is our position: Only those will be saved who, having been redeemed by the grace of Christ, walk in obedience to all the light that God sheds on their way. (Francis D. Nichol, Answers to Objections, p. 243)

Two areas that Adventism severely maligns are:

  1. Christ's message - the gospel
  2. Christ's bride - the body of Christ

Adventism's arrogant and narcissistic attitude toward the rest of the body of Christ is deeply troubling. The following statement, expressing my viewpoint while I was still an Adventist, explains why the Seventh-day Adventist teaching of the "Remnant Church" is unbiblical, arrogant and a sin against the Body of Christ.

Remnant Church
I have felt ever since I was a child that the Adventist definition of the remnant is arrogant. Adventism's traditional position regarding the remnant is spiritually arrogant and highly cultic. When you boil it all down, the bottom line is that Seventh-day Adventists believe they have the remnant message for the last days. They're calling all other Christians to 'leave Babylon and join us, God's true church.'

In its traditional belief on the remnant, they've positioned themselves as the Noah's ark of the end times. Many Adventist theologians don't believe this, yet it remains part of Adventist heritage. Unfortunately many Adventists still hold to this position.

I believe Scripture reveals this teaching is sin against the rest of the Body of Christ. It isn't biblical. We can say we're the remnant, but we can't say for sure that we're saved. The remnant will never call themselves 'remnant.' God gives that name from his vantage point. We sin against the Body of Christ by claiming to be the remnant.

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