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Exposing Adventism - Salvation not found outside of Seventh-day Adventist Church

Here are some truly amazing quotes that demostrate the height of arrogance so prevalent within Adventism. Where is any recognition of the rest of the body of Christ?


Regardless of the pretext, or how righteous the cause may appear, separation from the visible remnant [the SDA church] is apostasy from the body of Christ. (E.R. Bacchus, president of the Ontario Conference of SDA, Canada, in Messenger, October, 1994, page 2)
The local [SDA] church becomes the ‘port of entry’ to the kingdom of God. (North American Division Officers, in Adventist Review, October 1, 1992, page 23)
Therefore it is in the church...that He (Christ) invites all people who accept salvation....Church – who needs it? You do, and so do I – and all others who choose to love Christ...He invites us there, and still adds to it daily such as should be saved. Let us then treat church membership as the privilege it really is... (Brian Jones, Bible instructor in the Washington Conference of SDA, in Adventist Review, March 7, 1991, page 10)
There is some relationship between salvation and church membership. (Floyd W. Bresee, Associate Secretary of the General Conference Ministerial and Stewardship Association, in Adventist Review, v161, August 9, 1984, page 18)
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