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In the remnant Satan will meet his defeat. The charge that the law cannot be kept will be met and fully refuted....A serious situation arose in heaven when Satan made his charges against God. The accusations in reality constituted an impeachment. (M.L. Andreasen The Sanctuary Service, Review and Herald, 1969 printing, p. 315)

In order for God to sustain His contention, it is necessary for Him to show that He has not been arbitrary, that the law is not harsh and cruel in its requirements, but contrawise, that it is holy, just, and good, and that men can keep it. It is necessary for God to produce at least one man who has kept the law. In the absence of such a man, God loses and Satan wins. The outcome therefore hinges on the production of one or more who keep the commandments of God. On this God has staked His government. (M.L. Andreasen The Sanctuary Service, Review and Herald, 1969 printing, p. 316)

In the last generation God gives the final demonstration that men can keep the law of God and that they can live without sinning. God leaves nothing undone to make the demonstration complete. The only limitation He puts on Satan is that he may not kill the saints of God. He may tempt them, he may harass and threaten them; and he does his best. But he fails. He cannot make them sin. They stand the test, and God puts His seal on them. Through the last generation of saints God stands fully vindicated. (M.L. Andreasen The Sanctuary Service, Review and Herald, 1969 printing, pp. 318-19)


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