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Dr. Charles Lee, an early Swedish Seventh-day Adventist Pastor who left behind his highly successful medical practice to promote the gospel to the Scandanavians in the upper central US, wrote in his paper "Three Important Questions For Seventh-day Adventists To Consider":

She (Ellen White) said things that I never thought a human being would say.  She said, "You, foreigners, must be moulded by us for eternity."  In this it seemed to me that she presented herself infallible, wherefore I answered, "Moulded by you! moulded by you!! not as long as I can see defects in your character."  I can in truth say, that in all my trials on the narrow way, I have never been so cast down and heart-sick as I was in Battle Creek, Mich., and my wife testifies to the same.  It was horrid.  A few days before we were married, Mrs. W. sent for my wife (then Miss Deedon) to come and see her.  She then told her that I was "the most deceived person in the world," and warned her against me.  If either of us had failed to know under what influence she labored, we would never been married or else it would have caused disturbance in our family for life.  A few weeks from this, the testimony of Mrs. W. came out against me in print, and I was looked upon as a doomed man.  This seemed hard, but God was still unchanged; when alone in prayer, we enjoyed the sweet blessing of God, and were strengthened.  At times, of course, we would be nearly overcome, which was the case for about fifteen long months, while we stood between light and darkness.  She has been the cause of pressing many bitter tears from our eyes, but we pray that God may forgive her. (Charles Lee, Three Important Questions For Seventh-day Adventists To Consider, 1876)

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