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Exposing Adventism - Ellen White and Race Relations

A good friend of mine made this observation:

Fortunately, the Lord provided a way for me to go to this meeting (AAF meeting in San Diego coming up on Saturday afternoon 10/13/07 at 3PM at the Tierrasanta SDA church in San Diego.), as our caregiver was available.

The presentation today was a real eye-opener. Dr. Willey did his homework and he brought out some important details on this topic that I have never realized before.

This presentation today has forced me to do some serious rethinking regarding what I can say about Ellen White.

If I can verify all that was said today was true, then it must clearly be said that Ellen White was a false prophet.

It is absolutely clear that the White Estate and EGW apologists have grossly lied and misrepresented Ellen's rather clear statement that certain races of people were a result of amalgamation of man and beast.

Ellen White reflected her times when people were very racist, and instead of coming out like a true prophet of God, and condemning racism, she also made many racist statements.

But it is now undeniable that there is no credible defense for Ellen White's statement on amalgamation.

James White knew good and well what Ellen White meant by the statement regarding amalgamation resulting in a new race of people. Uriah Smith defended this view in a publication written in 1868. James White was excited about Uriah Smith's defense of this unscientific and racist viewpoint, and James White personally had 2000 books published and distributed at an 1868 campmeeting so people could read Uriah Smith's defense.

So how can the White Estate continue to say that Ellen White did not really mean what it appears she wrote? The White estate in some ways makes it worse, by not only lying about it, but claiming that Ellen White meant interracial marriage, or marriage of unbelievers to believers.

Remember Ellen White said that this amalgamation was a base crime. So how could interracial marriage be a base crime if that is what she meant?

But the very worse part of this statement, is that her belief that Satan manipulated the human race some how to pollute it with beasts, and actually believe that a new race of people was created after Adam and Eve.

TJ Willey showed how this idea does great damage to the gospel and the objective atonement, as the Bible only assumes one Adamic race which was fallen and needed redemption, and, Ellen White's ideas clearly destroyed any assurance of salvation, because how could any of us know that we were not part of the polluted race that God will destroy?

And not only this, but Ellen White went so far to say that she was shown this truth in vision. This is where it gets REALLY serious. As Willey put it "Can you imagine the Holy Spirit taking the time one day to reveal to Ellen in a vision this important truth that certain races of humans were created as a result of amalgamation of man and beast? Is there anything more absurd than this, First of all, it is impossible for there to be any offspring from a union associated with bestiality, and the idea that bushmen in Africa was a result of this union is overtly racist.

If Ellen claimed to have a vision from the Lord regarding this, we know absolutely that either Ellen White was mentally ill, or that she was a false prophet, and a lying prophet.

There is so much more to say about this. There is also a publication which Dr. Willey is publishing with some shocking new material on this topic, and it is available on PDF file and I will try to make this available to those who are interested. I also got the recordings of the meeting.

Again, as I get time, I will have to verify some things I heard today, but the implications of the seriousness of the statements made should make anyone who is still interested in defending Ellen White as a true prophet of God take notice.

It is good news that this meeting took place in an SDA church. But the SDA denomination will try to find some way to discredit Willey's findings, if they come out in print as planned. Some people will bend over backwards to try to protect and defend that which has no defense.

More on this later.

I welcome your thoughts.

Gilbert Jorgensen
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