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Exposing Adventism - Piano Tuners Will Have to Deal With Insanity

I ran across some important counsel for any of your friends who might be piano tuners. It is available at The Official Ellen White ® Website as part of MR No. 1526 - Counsel to a Nervous Dyspeptic and His Family

(Written August 4, 1901, from St. Helena, California, to Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Beaman.)

Your letter has just been placed in my hand. I am very sorry to hear that you are so afflicted, but you need not despair.
My brother, you are a sick man. You need different employment. You are engaged in a business that is exceedingly trying to the nervous system. If you could take up some work less trying, if you could get a piece of ground and for a year work out of doors, away from all the perplexities of business, it might save your brain and your soul. It is not wise, merely because you can make money readily, to continue in the work of tuning pianos if this affects your nervous system.

In many cases I have advised out-of-door work for piano tuners, telling them that unless they changed their business, they would have to deal with insanity.

We are made up of nerves and senses, as well as of conscience and affections. All parts of the living machinery are to be wisely cared for and considerately treated. The Lord has respect for the body as well as the soul.

The canvassing work is a good work, but it may not be the best work for you if, while engaged in it, you are obliged to eat irregularly and cannot get healthful food.

My sister, you and your mother should do all in your power to please your husband. Remember that he is a nervous dyspeptic. I hope you may never know what a nervous dyspeptic has to endure. Do everything you can to restore your husband to health. In no case withhold your sympathy, but encourage him in every way possible. Give up your own ideas and your own wishes if by so doing you can help him. Thus you will be blessed. Do not persist in having your own way when you know that this afflicts him.

I know what it is to be nervous. For weeks together I have had to have my meals brought to my room because I could not endure the clattering of dishes.

Your husband would better not remain in the business of piano tuner. If he can, he should get a place in the country where he can keep chickens or raise vegetables. Any out-of-door work would be better for him than tuning pianos.

Your mother should defer to your husband’s expressed wishes. We would charge all not to wash their dishes on the Sabbath if this can possibly be avoided. God is dishonored by any unnecessary work done on His holy day. It is not inconsistent, but proper, that the dishes should be left unwashed till the close of the Sabbath if this can be managed.

I cannot see but that you are trying your best to live out the principles of health reform. Study economy in everything, but do not withhold from the diet the food which the system needs. With regard to the nut foods, there are many who cannot eat them. If your husband enjoys dairy butter, let him eat it until he is convinced that this is not best for his health.

My sister, you and your mother need the sweet influence of the Spirit of God that you may reveal the love of Christ. If you all try to understand the blessed mystery of abiding in Christ, fewer words will be spoken to chafe and irritate. Silence for God is often more eloquent than words. Let the soul be hushed in silent awe, that the unseen Presence may be appreciated and the still, small voice of the Spirit be heard.

Read and study the sixty-second Psalm. We are now to prepare for the mansions Christ is preparing for us. God help us to abide in the Saviour.
Manuscript Release 21, page 134-135
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