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Exposing Adventism - Are Christians obligated to any portion of the old covenant?

The seventh-day Sabbath seems to make perfect human sense, but in the light of the cross of Christ, and the new covenant in his blood, it is just one of many old covenant rules and regulations that are not mandated for Christians today.

Some confusion arises when we see some portions or principles of some of the Ten Commandments reiterated in the New Testament, as normative expressions of faith, produced in the lives of Christ followers, by the risen Lord. But, the important point here is this -- there is no automatic "carry-over" from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The cross of Christ ended all of it -- all the law -- not part of it -- but all of it.

The real issue is this -- are Christians obligated to any portion of the old covenant? Are we, as followers of Jesus, required to keep the Sabbath, eat kosher, observe annual Jewish days, etc?
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Justin - Posted on March 31, 2008:

Absolutely not! If a person heads down the road of law keeping and morality as a way of proving themselves acceptable to God, then they are heading away from the cross of Christ and God's grace, however attractive and spiritually seductive such a decision might seem.

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