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Exposing Adventism - Bypassing the Investigative Judgment

Ellen White tells us:

During His ministry, Jesus had raised the dead to life. He had raised the son of the widow of Nain, and the ruler’s daughter and Lazarus. But these were not clothed with immortality. After they were raised, they were still subject to death. But those who came forth from the grave at Christ’s resurrection were raised to everlasting life. They ascended with Him as trophies of His victory over death and the grave. These, said Christ, are no longer the captives of Satan; I have redeemed them. I have brought them from the grave as the first fruits of My power, to be with Me where I am, nevermore to see death or experience sorrow. (Desire of Ages, p. 786)

How does this work if the Investigative Judgment didn't begin until 1844? Christ hadn't had a chance to investigate and judge them yet!

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Joey Whiteshoes - Posted on Thursday, June 12, 2008:

If people are able to be in heaven RIGHT NOW (even according to Ellen White), then what is the big stink about the thief on the cross and the changing of the TODAY punctuation?

Obviously, their own "prophet" believes that people go to heaven so why can't they just say that the thief on the cross is there right now?

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