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From the book Spiritual Gifts, Vol 1, page 218

Satan rushes into the midst, and tries to stir up the multitude to action. But fire from God out of heaven is rained upon them, and the great men, and the mighty men, and the noble, and poor and miserable men, are all consumed together. I saw that some were quickly destroyed, while others suffered longer. They were punished according to the deeds done in the body. Some were many days consuming, and just as long as there was a portion of them unconsumed, all the sense of suffering was there. Said the angel, The worm of life shall not die; their fire shall not be quenched as long as there is the least particle for it to prey upon.
And people prefer Ellen White's version of hell?
just as long as there was a portion of them unconsumed, all the sense of suffering was there.
It may be just a piece of one finger left. Their brain and the rest of them could be totally destroyed and yet "all the sense of suffering was there."

Evidently the more wicked deeds, the longer they suffered! "Some were many days consuming."

Ellen would have made a good Catholic. She had a vivid imagination!


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Sophia7 - Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2007 - 8:27 pm:

That is certainly a warped picture of hell and not the view of most non-SDA Christians who believe in the conditionalist view of hell.

In the process of leaving the Adventist Church, I've had to reexamine just about everything that I was taught my whole life and that I once believed. I've found that most of the distinctive SDA doctrines are wrong. On this one, though, I just don't see that the weight of biblical evidence supports the traditional teaching of everlasting punishment. However, this is a subject on which I think it's important to allow for liberty of conscience among Christians. It doesn't really matter to our salvation whether we believe in an everlasting hell or not, and if your conclusions are different from mine, that's fine. I do think, though, that it's unfortunate that the doctrine of everlasting punishment (whether it's true or not) turns so many people away from Christianity.

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