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The "Orion Stargate" to heaven has figured prominently in pagan mythology. The idea that God has a stargate in Orion is found nowhere in the Bible. It appears to have originated in ancient heathen religions and was later adopted by New Agers.

New Age author Barry Martin describes the importance of Orion:

"It is through the gateway in Orion that we receive the higher light...we will understand why the ancient Egyptian texts refer to Ihm-'sk and why the Great Pyramid was aligned with Mintaka (delta), Alnilam (epsilon), and Alnitak (zeta) in Tak-Orion (Orionis). These are the central threshold controls for the region of 'positive programming' used by the Elohim Lords of Light to connect the many galaxies to our Father Universe. Within our galactic quadrant, these threshold controls are necessary in coordinating celestial navigation between universes. Through the energies of Orion, the Central Threshold Control, the higher beings of Light moved across the waters of the deep."
We learn the following from the above quote:
  1. There is a gateway in Orion
  2. Humans receive "higher light" through that gateway
  3. Orion is a navigational point for the "higher beings" to connect with earth
Doesn't this sound strangely familiar to what Ellen White taught?
"In The Orion Mystery we presented graphic as well as written evidence showing how important the Egyptians considered the constellation of Orion to be. We published an illustration based on a drawing from the ceiling of the tomb of Senmut, companion and vizier to Queen Hatshepsut. In this picture Sahu/Orion is shown standing in a small boat with three prominent stars representing Orion’s belt) over his head. This figure carries in his left hand a staff of office, while in his right he holds an ankh—the Egyptian hieroglyph usually translated as “life.” Behind him, following in her own boat, is a goddess identifiable as representing the star Sothis or Sirius. Another diagram showed part of the ceiling painting from the mausoleum of Seti I, one of the greatest of the New Kingdom pharaohs and father of Ramses II. In this drawing Orion is again shown in his boat with the staff in one hand and an ankh in the other, above which is a five-pointed star. A third illustration of Orion came from the Cairo Museum, custodian of the pyramidion that once capped the pyramid of Amenemhet III at Dashur. Being from the Middle Kingdom, this pyramidion is older than the ceilings of the tombs of Senmut and Seti but it carries a very similar representation of Orion. Again he is shown as a walking man holding a staff in one hand, but this time he is cupping a star with the other.

"...The positioning of a star above the outstretched hand of Orion has another important meaning that would not have been lost on the Egyptians. The hieroglyph of a five-pointed star is transliterated as s’ba, literally meaning “star.” However, s’ba has a secondary meaning, which is “door.” It is used in this way in Wallis Budge’s monumental edition of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, where he translates a particular sentence as “I open the door in heaven.” The hieroglyphs for “door,” which he transliterates as s’ba, are a five-pointed star with an Egyptian vulture symbol next to it. Thus the star held out in the hand of the Sahu figure on the benben stone of Amenemhet III conveys in shorthand the exact meaning of ”stargate.” ... We can see from this that the placing of a star in the hand of Orion was entirely appropriate. It indicated that the point where the Milky Way intersected with the ecliptic above the hand of Orion was the location of one of the gates of heaven." (Adrian Gilber, Orion’s Mystical Origins From Pre-History)

Where then did this vision come from? Did God show her the same truth He revealed to the ancient heathen Egyptians? Does He really have a stargate in Orion?

Reference: http://www.ellenwhiteexposed.com/orion.htm


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