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Exposing Adventism - Shade trees poison the atmosphere

In an attempt to say at least something about almost everything, Ellen White had the following to say about trees. This would suggest that a walk through the woods would be rather detrimental to one's health. Mrs. White thinks that God has things so ordered that leaves from His trees are poisoning the atmosphere. It seems she had many questions as to how God is running things.

Her "instruction" in the following quote is no exception. When we take a "macro view" it appears that she is sharing with us words of wisdom.

Shade trees and shrubbery too close and dense around a house are unhealthful; for they prevent a free circulation of air and shut out the rays of the sun. In consequence of this, dampness gathers in the house. Especially in wet seasons the sleeping rooms become damp, and those who occupy them are troubled with rheumatism, neuralgia, and lung complaints which generally end in consumption. Numerous shade trees cast off many leaves, which, if not immediately removed, decay and poison the atmosphere. A yard beautified with trees and shrubbery, at a proper distance from the house, has a happy, cheerful influence upon the family, and, if well taken care of, will prove no injury to health. Dwellings, if possible, should be built upon high and dry ground. If a house is built where water settles around it, remaining for a time, and then drying away, a poisonous miasma arises, and fever and ague, sore throat, lung diseases, and fevers will be the result.
Initially it appears that she is stating the obvious. We all want to be healthy, don't we?

Like so many of her writing, it is 90% truth mixed with about 10% baloney. Seventh-day Adventists, in an attempt to maintain their state of continued denial, will point with frenzied fingers at the 90%, and suggest that those who have studied her writings enough to actually see through them, are claiming that the 90% is also false! When that fails they label her as a "devotional writer", who was selected to be the recipient of "progressive (more like contradictory) revelation"!

The 90% looks good -- except perhaps for her prognosis about rheumatism, neuralgia, and lung complaints generally ending in tuberculosis (See http://pubs.acs.org/subscribe/journals/mdd/v05/i02/html/02timeline.html). I am not so sure that I would want her for my doctor.

It seems to me the general thrust is the commonly held understanding that good air circulation is needed around living areas. Having lived in western North Carolina, I can appreciate that. There were times when there was so much rain that it would have made no difference how many trees were outside. The very ground itself was saturated. In fact it is for that very reason that we moved to Utah where we frequently have a 10% humidity instead of 100% humidity!

Whether the house has a basement, a crawlspace, or is built on a slab will also be a factor. So it really has very little to do with whether trees with live leaves, or dead leaves on the ground, surround the house. The point is that adequate air circulation is needed, inside and out, otherwise the living area will stay damp.

What is the 10% that is baloney? The context doesn't change the effect of the following sentence.
Numerous shade trees cast off many leaves, which, if not immediately removed, decay and poison the atmosphere.
This statement, on its face, it pure nonsense! This is a style of writing that Ellen White uses over, and over, and over again to bewitch so many of her Seventh-day Adventist adherents. She produces a non-original statement that almost everyone agrees with, and thin inserts some (usually religious) nonsense into the middle of it.

90% of what she wrote sounds right, but then there is the other 10% that negates the validity of what she wrote. Seventh-day Adventists prance around pointing to the portion that is valid, and saying "See! It is Biblical." At the same time they ignore the 10% that is baloney.

Since most shade trees "cast of many leaves", be they broadleaf or needles, I think we can effectively distill this statement to its basic message.
many leaves, which, if not immediately removed, decay and poison the atmosphere.
Now that we have removed all the extra layers of this "Cochina doll", the utter foolishness of this statement becomes much more apparent. To further clarify what happens when we do have "many leaves", a condition that a few of us may have encountered during our lifetimes, we can safely distill this statement to its core "truth" - the nugget that Ellen White, with her "pen of inspiration", wishes to alert us to.
many leaves decay and poison the atmosphere.
There we have it. Have we changed the core "truth" of this statement? I think not. It is only when we "peel away" all the layers of obfuscation, that the utter ludicrousness of this statement, shines forth in its full glory. It is that:

1. When leaves decay they poison the atmosphere.
2. More leaves decaying do even more damage to the atmosphere.
3. Was this an "oversight" in God's design process?

Next, let's take a moment to imagine how many leaves are decaying at any given moment on this planet. And every one of these leaves are poisoning the atmosphere? Perhaps we have a bigger problem than global warming -- that of decaying leaves poisoning the atmosphere!

What will these people ever do when then "flee to the mountains" during the Time of Trouble? Bring gas masks with them? (Secret info: If they all move to the much drier climate of Utah or Nevada first, they won't have to worry about as many tree leaves.)

And prior to the impending "Universal Sunday Law", as they "move to the country" to get away from the coming persecution in the cities, should they ask their real estate agents to locate country properties with a minimal amount of "decaying leaves"?

I appreciate your bearing with me as I entertain myself for a little bit. I just felt this statement at its core, exposes more of her effort to address every conceivably known problem to man. Have a great day!

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