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Exposing Adventism - Restoring the "withered right arm of the gospel"

I don't think most even Adventists know where the health message came from, much less what it is.

The Ministry of Healing, page 395 tells us,

Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of God and our fellow men.

Christian Service, page 135 tells us,

We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work.

Most Adventists have no clue what the "medical missionary work" even is. God does not want just lip service, but a decided, active interest.

God wants the ministers and the church members to take a decided, active interest in the medical missionary work. (Testimonies, Vol. 6, p. 300)

Inspiration tells us,

One worker who has been trained and educated for the work, who is controlled by the Spirit of Christ, will accomplish far more than ten laborers who go out deficient in knowledge, and weak in the faith. One who works in harmony with the counsel of God, and in unity with the brethren, will be more efficient to do good, than ten will be who do not realize the necessity of depending upon God, and of acting in harmony with the general plan of the work." (Review and Herald, May 29, 1888)

What is true medical missionary work? It is restoring the "right arm of the gospel".

The health message is the right arm of the gospel message. (North American Division Health Ministries)

Ellen White says that medical missionary work is such an important element of God’s work, but it has been dying. It needs to be revived. How many Adventists here act like they believe that?

Adventists cannot lead people any closer to Christ than they are to Christ. Adventists cannot give something that they have not experienced themselves. No wonder they have no understanding of where the health message came from!


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