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Exposing Adventism - How the Sunday Laws will develop

The Sunday law issue develops in several phases.

  1. Religious leaders begin the agitation, presenting Sunday as the solution to all our problems.
  2. Then they blame those who do not comply as the cause of the increasing calamities.
  3. At the close of the loud cry period the death decree is attached to the Sunday law.
  4. This brings the final test, the "silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" (Rev. 8:1), and the close of probation.
  5. The execution date is announced three and a half days before it is to be carried out, which will be the "time of Jacob's trouble" because, like Jacob, the saints agonize for deliverance. Notice that this takes place after probation has closed. It is only by faith that they know they are on the right side.
Nothing would be accomplished by martyrdom after the close of probation, but again it is only by faith that the saints have confidence that they will not be killed as some of their brethren have been just previously.

The "voice of God" delivers the saints just at the midnight hour of the execution date. See TM 446.

Reference: http://ed-white.us/end_time_chart.htm
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