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Exposing Adventism - Was God Also Growing?

Ellen White claimed that every single vision of hers, and all her messages, came straight from God.

Adventists respond:

"I still do not want to judge her too harshly, though, because her understanding did grow a great deal during her lifetime."
So, if much of what she had to say was bogus, unscientific, egocentric, and contrary to Scripture, then tell me, was God also growing?
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ric_b - Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2008:

This exposes a troubling conclusion. If Ellen White's inspired understanding changed during her lifetime, meaning that some of her earlier work isn't completely right, how can anyone be sure that her later work is completely right either? If she lived another 4 or 5 hundred years might she have eventually come to the "true" understanding?

Ultimately this undermines all authority of her writings. And if this view of inspiration is then applied to Scripture, nothing is absolutely true. Because these authors were limited by their personal growth as well.

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