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In the book Selected Messages, Vol. 2, p. 77-78, Ellen White has the following to say about others who claimed to have visions at that time (1890).

"It was all a farce, a deception. Yet many things they told came to pass as they predicted. I was asked how this could be if the visions were all false. I told them that it was Satan's purpose to mingle truth with error, that through these deceptive exercises he might make of none effect the genuine work of God. From that time all their many visions ceased." (Selected Messages, Vol. 2, pp. 77-78)
By "the genuine work of God" she meant herself and her visions. She sits down in the judgment seat and passes harsh judgment over all who have dreams and visions -- they are all from the devil. Her own visions and dreams are the only true ones.

Ellen White could not bear any "rivals" in her work. She wanted to have full monopoly on dreams, visions and revelations.

We are to note the following: She says that many things those people had predicted, came to pass. Those people were at times far more accurate in their predictions than the "Messenger of the Lord" ever had been. If people whom Ellen White labeled "false prophets" did as good job as herself, or even better, this is something thoughtful and sincere Adventists should to take note of.
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