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Exposing Adventism - James White says devil takes possession of her

Quote from John Harvey Kellogg's Interview:

Eld. Bourdeau: When thing are published there in black and white, then anybody can read it and everybody can read it; but when things are talked, you know they are forgotten.

Dr. Kellogg: This thing I am telling you I know, and if this was all I did know, I would have been out of this thing a long time ago; and I know a whole lot of things besides. I said to Dr. Stewart, "That is only a little bit; and you have only just been picking out flaws here and there; but there is the other side you haven’t said anything about; and you have no right to send out a document of the sort which presents only the faults you have been able to pick out and says nothing about the greater side which is far more worthy of attention." I want to tell you I have never spent fifteen minutes in looking over my documents to see if I could find something of this sort. I have taken pains not to do it. I have said, "I cannot allow myself to do such a thing."

I will tell you further, Brother Amadon, away back when I was a boy of twenty-one, in the Review and Herald office there, I saw things, knew things, saw what the Elder was doing, -- his manufacturing, his scheming, his manipulating against you and Brother Smith. I know of Elder White’s opening private letters in order to get information of what was going on. Warren Bacheller does not know it to this day, but it is a matter of fact that one day when Uriah Smith was up at Grand Rapids he (Eld. White) saw a letter from him, and he said, "This is from Warren Bacheller, I know his hand writing." He softened that envelope, opened it up, read it, didn’t find a word in it of what he thought was there, sealed it up and sent it on in the mail. I know the man that saw him do it. Warren didn’t know anything about it. I have never told him. Rut Dr. M. G. Kellogg was present when he did it, and saw him doing the thing, and he is an honest man.

Now, I saw scheming going on. Elder White talked to me about what he wanted to do to Uriah Smith, and I pleaded with him for Uriah. We once had a conference committee of our own, and he and Brownsberger and I were the whole Conference Committee. You remember that time?

G. W. Amadon: Yes.

Dr. Kellogg: I stood stiffly against that thing. I refused to send my resignation in. Some men are alive today that have got that very weakness. W. C. White has got all the weakness of his father without the greatness; and that is just where the trouble is in this game. Elder White, when he got to going on a wrong track, and found he could not do a thing, turned square about, acknowledged it, and said, "I have made a mistake."

Dr. Kellogg: He did and he didn’t. He believed them just as other folks did. He was a peculiar man. He came to me one day and said, "Dr. Kellogg" -- he was telling me of his trials; he and Sister White were having a quarrel. He said, "Brother Kellogg, it is wonderful; my wife sometimes has the most remarkable experiences; the Lord comes near to her and she has the most remarkable experiences; and then again the very devil comes in and takes possession of her." Sister White herself, I want to tell you, has gone through a very peculiar experience. Twenty-nine or thirty years ago she was going through a very peculiar experience, and I think she was very much depressed. She had had troubles; she and the Elder had had a quarrel; he had gone off and left her, and for two weeks he would not go out to the old brick house by the mill pond to sleep with her. He would not stay in the house with her.

She said, "Dr. Kellogg, I sometimes doubt my own experience." All the while the Elder was an erratic man, had had several strokes of apoplexy, and of course his conditions were abnormal. But Sister White backed him up for a long time. He fought me for three years, went all around the country calling me a thief and a liar, and Sister White backed him up for a long time, but after while took my side. Sister White came here to Battle Creek, saw these men had misrepresented her, and saw, as she told Elder Haskell, "Dr. Kellogg is the same man as he always was." She talked to the patients, and she went all about the Sanitarium, and she blessed the whole place. She was here for forty-eight hours, and not one word of censure did she say against the institution either here or at the Tabernacle, and not one word of censure did she say.

She saw that she had been deceived, and she told the audience there she knew that there had been this exaggeration, that it had been perpetrated upon the people, and they had been misled; and she said, "They call me a prophet; I am not a prophet. Prophets predict; I do not predict." Now I believe Sister White told the exact truth about that thing. I think they have mistaken the gift the Lord gave her, and have exaggerated the thing, and tried to make out of it a club with which to beat people into line.

You have suffered from it, and your brother, Brother Bourdeau, suffered from it; he told me of his experience over there in Europe; and I know something about it. I have had it. I have had less trouble with it than a great many others have had. I took a frank stand right back thirty years ago, took a square stand. They knew just where I stood, that they could not work any dodge on me, that the thing has got to be straight.

Reference: http://www.ellenwhiteexposed.com/kelloggfile.htm

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