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Exposing Adventism - How God protected Ellen White's Writings

How God Protected Ellen White's Writings:

"The manner in which God has protected His Inspired Writings is incredible. In spite of repeated attacks by the enemy down through the centuries, and even in modern times, we, today, have the Word of God!"

How God Protected Joseph Smith's Writings:
"The Book of Mormon is ... as timeless as truth, as universal as mankind. It is the only book that contains within its covers a promise that by divine power the reader may know with certainty of its truth.
Its origin is miraculous; when the story of that origin is first told to one unfamiliar with it, it is almost unbelievable. But the book is here to be felt and handled and read. No one can dispute its presence. All efforts to account for its origin, other than the account given by Joseph Smith, have been shown to lack substance. It is a record of ancient America. It is a scripture of the New World, as certainly as the Bible is the scripture of the Old. Each of these volumes of scripture speaks of the other. Each carries with it the spirit of inspiration, the power to convince and to convert. Together they become two witnesses, hand in hand, that Jesus is the Christ, the resurrected and living Son of the living God."
First Presidency Message - A Testimony Vibrant and True, Ensign, August 2005, By President Gordon B. Hinckley
I guess Ellen was not the only one!
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