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Exposing Adventism -The fragrance of roses

Nowhere does the Bible tell us that the prophets sensed the fragrance of flowers during their visions. Ellen White, however, experienced such phenomena from time to time during her "visions",

"At the home of Brother Hicks, where she was entertained, she was visited by an old lady who was violently opposed in her Christian life by her husband. This interview lasted an hour. After this, weary, weak, and perplexed, she thought to retire to her room and pray. Climbing the stairs, she knelt by the bed, and before the first word of petition had been offered she felt that the room was filled with the fragrance of roses. Looking up to see whence the fragrance came, she saw the room flooded with a soft, silvery light. Instantly her pain and weariness disappeared. The perplexity and discouragement of mind vanished, and hope and comfort and peace filled her heart.

Then, losing all consciousness regarding her surroundings, she was shown in vision many things relating to the progress of the cause in different parts of the world, and the conditions which were helping or hindering the work." (Life Sketches, 1915, p. 310.) This incident happened in 1890.
It is remarkable that such incidents, connected with lights and fragrance of roses, often occur within psychic phenomena and spiritism. Also during Maria-apparitions, those who are in trance often sense the fragrance of roses.

It has also been reported that patients suffering from certain epileptic disorders sense the fragrance of flowers during their seizures.
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