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Instead of doing justice to their neighbors, they carried out their own unlawful wishes. They had a plurality of wives, which was contrary to God's wise arrangement. In the beginning God gave to Adam one wife--showing to all who should live upon the earth, his order and law in that respect. The transgression and fall of Adam and Eve brought sin and wretchedness upon the human race, and man followed his own carnal desires, and changed God's order. The more men multiplied wives to themselves, the more they increased in wickedness and unhappiness. If one chose to take the wives, or cattle, or anything belonging to his neighbor, he did not regard justice or right, but if he could prevail over his neighbor by reason of strength, or by putting him to death, he did so, and exulted in his deeds of violence. They loved to destroy the lives of animals. They used them for food, and this increased their ferocity and violence, and caused them to look upon the blood of human beings with astonishing indifference.

But if there was one sin above another which called for the destruction of the race by the flood, it was the base crime of amalgamation of man and beast which defaced the image of God, and caused confusion everywhere. God purposed to destroy by a flood that powerful, long-lived race that had corrupted their ways before him. He would not suffer them to live out the days of their natural life, which would be hundreds of years. It was only a few generations back when Adam had access to that tree which was to prolong life. After his disobedience he was not suffered to eat of the tree of life and perpetuate a life of sin. In order for man to possess an endless life he must continue to eat of the fruit of the tree of life. Deprived of that tree, his life would gradually wear out. (Spiritual Gifts, vol. 3, p. 64)


Every species of animal which GOD had created were preserved in the ark. The confused species which GOD did not create, which were the result of amalgamation, were destroyed by the flood. Since the flood there has been amalgamation of man and beast, as may be seen in the almost endless varieties of species of animals, and in certain races of men. (Spiritual Gifts, vol. 3, p. 75)

A few SDA apologists have tried to say the EGW meant amalgamation between races of men and between species of beasts, but not amalgamation of man and beast. But the SDA evangelist Uriah Smith, a contemporary of White and her good friend, wrote in a book that the amalgamation of man and beast (ape) produced the Hottentots of Africa and probably the 'Digger Indians' of North America just to name a few. Ellen G. White knew of this book, quoted it, and even sold copies of it at SDA conferences. Researcher Dirk Anderson writes:

There is a statement Mrs. White made in 1864 that the results of amalgamation between man and beast could be seen in 'certain races of men'. For over 80 years Adventists-including the White's friend Uriah Smith-defended this statement on the basis that she was talking about the sexual union of man with beast. Finally, in 1947, biologist Frank Marsh convinced SDA leaders of what scientists had known for decades, that it is biologically impossible for the union of man and beast to produce offspring. The church accepted Marsh's new explanation and began claiming that Mrs. White was talking about interbreeding between humans rather than between man and animal. However, the textual evidence itself and every testimony we have from every witness that knew Mrs. White, including Uriah Smith, James White, W.C. White (her son), and D.D. Robinson (her secretary), all confirm that Mrs. White was talking about interbreeding of man with animal. (7 Top Excuses About Ellen White, p.7 online)

In 1870 the three volumes of White's work Spiritual Gifts was enlarged and republished as The Spirit of Prophecy. This book contained the 'man and beast' statements. In 1890, The Spirit of Prophecy was enlarged with other EGW writings and republished as Patriarchs and Prophets. The 'man and beast' statements were not included.

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