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Exposing Adventism - Who added Ellen White's Bible references?

From The Review and Herald, August 14, 1883, page 5

A Venerable Document

by Eld. G. I. Butler (General Conference President)

"I have before me a tract of 24 pages., entitled, "A Word to the Little Flock," dated Brunswick., Maine, May 30, 1847, and published by James White. Until recently I did not know that such a tract was in existence.


A few of our people have desired to obtain them (the visions) exactly as they were published in "Word to the Little Flock." To gratify this desire, the Publishing Association has printed them entire in a little tract, and all who wish them can obtain them. It will be noticed by those who obtain this tract that there are letters placed in parentheses, and in one case the figures (666) as here given. The letters refer to corresponding passages of Scripture, and all these parenthetical references were evidently placed there by the publishers, and not by Sister White herself. They express the mind of those who published these visions that the scriptures referred to taught the same sentiments as those contained in the vision."

So then the obvious next question is, "When I read Desire of Ages, Great Controversy, etc, who supplied all those verse references?"

I had always assumed that Ellen White was using, through divine inspiration, the specific verses included in the text. (Now I know that much of what was published was actually written by her "editorial staff". Some of what she wrote was so incoherant -- a passage in Selected Messages comes to mind --, that even her editors had problems trying to make it read in a way that made sense.)

It is interesting to note how he dances around the obvious inference by stating that "references were evidently placed there by the publishers". Hmm. Don't know. Evidently that must be how they just happened to be there...

It is also interesting that church leaders such as G.I Butler didn't even know about the specifics of her earlier visions! They could honestly say then that (they were under the impression that) she never supported the "shut door" (that Word to the Little Flock specifically speaks about).

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