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Exposing Adventism - Date setting the second coming for 1885-1895

By 1884 Ellen White again saw signs of Christ’s imminent return. At that time she sent out a testimony calling for celibacy among Adventists.

That testimony was read before gatherings of people, but it was evidently destroyed when it met with so much resistance, and the proof of its previous existence can be only had from those who heard it read or was an eye witness to the consternation it caused… Many tried to live up to her instructions. I sat in the Adventist church in Missoula, Montana, and heard the minister, Rollin D. Quinn, get up before the congregation and with tears streaming down his cheeks, confess that Satan had tempted him during the dark hours of the night and he had sinned but with God’s help he would stand firm from now on, only to repeat the scene the following Sabbath. One minister told my father that he did not dare trust himself home with his wife, so he had her meet him at the railroad station. (The Story of Ellen White’s Suppressed Testimony, Limboline, Glendale, California: Church of the Advent Fellowship), Jan 7, 1984, p 10,11)

When a missionary couple had children, Mrs. White blasted them:

It was not in accordance with our faith or God’s will that our missionaries should fill their hands with cares and burdens that were not essential to the work… I was shown that Brother and Sister V___ had departed from God’s counsel in bringing into the world children… The time is and has been for years, that the bringing into the world is more an occasion of grief than joy… Satan controls these children, and the Lord has but little to do with them… The time has come when, in one sense, they that have wives be as though they had none. (MS 34, 1885)

In another letter she wrote of another missionary couple:
How much better would have been the influence of both if they had not married, but both have devoted their interests to God's cause; and after they were married, how much better for them to have thoroughly considered the situation and decided that God should have all the powers He had given them in the work of saving souls. (Ellen White, letter written from Europe in 1888, as quoted in "Counsels Regarding Parenthood" DF 360A, a document produced by the Ellen G. White Estate.)

In 1895 Mrs. White wrote:

The time has come when a sterile condition is not the worst condition to be in. (Ellen White, Letter 15, 1895)

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