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Seventh-day Adventism is very clever. It has no qualms about using deception to further its agenda.

Notice how its priorities change depending on whether the subject is:

  1. church discipline
  2. departing Adventists
  3. those Adventists want to proselytize who aren't familiar with Adventism, and therefore most gullible.
  4. official 28 "Fundamental Beliefs (Did you ever wonder why it requires so many?)

Church Discipline - Offenses prompting church discipline in order of priority:

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking alcoholic beverages
  3. Sabbath-breaking
  4. Sexual misconduct
Departing Adventists - Subjects Adventists discuss with departing Adventists in order of priority:
  1. Sabbath
  2. State of the dead
  3. Adventist "health message"
  4. Gift of "prophecy"
  5. Remnant church
Unsuspecting Public - The sugar-coated Adventist "gospel" -- customized to "sound" evangelical. This is what Adventism calls "Bible Study". In reality is Adventist indoctrination. Is this the good news that you would give to someone asking, "What must I do to be saved?"
  1. Is There Anything Left You Can Trust? (Why you can trust the Bible) [Eternal security.]
  2. Did God Create the Devil? (How and why sin came to this earth ) ["Great Controversy" theme]
  3. Rescue from Above (Salvation--the greatest love story ever told ) [Salvation within the context of the "Great Controversy" theme."]
  4. A Colossal City In Space. (Why heaven is a place you don't want to miss) [Heaven]
  5. Keys For a Happy Marriage (Specific, practical counsel on how to restore happiness to your marriage.) [Marriage and the family]
  6. Written In Stone! (The biblical relationship of law and grace.) [Ten Commandments - preparation for the subject of the Sabbath]
  7. The Lost Day of History (Astounding facts about the Sabbath, God’s test of loyalty.) [Sabbath]
  8. The Ultimate Deliverance (How to recognize Christ’s second coming.) [Adventist view of the second coming.]
  9. Purity & Power! (God’s method and meaning for baptism.) [Preparing to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.]
  10. Are The Dead Really Dead? (Unveiling the keys to unlock the mystery of death.) [Soul sleep]
  11. Is The Devil in Charge of Hell? (Good news you've probably never heard about hell.) [In case you still have questions about soul sleep]
  12. 1,000 Years of Peace (Know exactly what to expect during the millennium.) [Millennium]
  13. God's Free Health Plan (Tips on diet and health that have been provided by our Maker.) [Health]
  14. Is Obedience Legalism? (How obeying God's law brings true freedom.) [Reinforcing the Sabbath]
  15. Who Is the Antichrist? (Unlocking the mystery of the Antichrist.) [Reinforcing the Sabbath]
  16. Angel Messages From Space (Important end-time messages given by the three angels of Revelation 14.) [Preparation for the concept of the Remnant Church]
  17. God Drew the Plans (An inside look into the work Jesus is performing in the heavenly sanctuary.) [The physical "heavenly sanctuary", and preparation for introducing 1844 and the Investigative Judgment]
  18. Right On Time! (Here we reveal the beginning date for the judgment.) [1844, the Investigative Judgment and the physical "heavenly sanctuary".]
  19. Case Closed! (What to expect from your day in court.) [Reinforcing the Investigative Judgment.]
  20. The Mark of The Beast (How you can clearly identify the beast and his mark.) [Backhanded way of attacking worshipping God on Sunday, and reinforcing Sabbath observance.]
  21. The USA in Bible Prophecy (America's leading role in end-time events.) [Reinforcing Adventist view of Universal Sunday Law, Universal Death Decree and Time of Trouble.]
  22. The "Other Woman (Satan's great deception) [Babylon and the anti-Christ with an Adventist "spin"]
  23. The Bride of Christ (Six identifying marks of God's remnant church.) [Reinforcing Adventism as God's only true church. All other Christian denominations are "harlots of Babylon."]

[Notice how Seventh-day Adventism promotes itself, by putting down the non-Adventist body of Christ. This is one of the signs of a cult. In my opinion, this narcissistic self-serving approach is designed to lock the gullible public into cultic Adventism rather than to promote Christ and the family of God.]

Here are what Adventism calls "The Remnant's Six Identifying Marks":

  1. The first mark of identification is that the remnant church will arise sometime after 1798 Revelation 12:6-14
    • Only after 1798 can the remnant emerge. Remember that the remnant is not a new church coming on the scene of action in 1798; it is the true church coming out of the wilderness. Its roots go all the way back to the apostles and to Jesus. Its history is not traced through a line of prominence, but through the obscurity of the wilderness.
  2. The remnant church will keep the commandments, including the Sabbath. Revelation 12:17
  3. Prophecy is the third identification mark of the last days church. Revelation 12:17; 19:10
  4. They will preach the three angels' messages. Revelation 14:6-12
  5. It is a Christ-centered, gospel-proclaiming movement. Revelation 14:6
  6. It will be a worldwide movement. Revelation 14:6

    Seventh-day Adventism then asks, "Do you know of any Christian church or group that fulfills all 6 of the identifying marks of the Remnant?"
24. Does God Inspire Astrologists & Psychics (How to test prophets and visions.) [Introduction to Ellen White]
25. In God We Trust? (God's plan for financial prosperity.) [Old Covenant Tithing the Adventist way]
26. A Love That Transforms (Principles for a joyful Christian life.) [Christian life]
27. No Turning Back (The sin God can't forgive.) [Unpardonable sin]

Notice how they are sure to end on an agreeable note by concluding with two subjects that will generate little disagreement.

And of course you will not want to be without their special Prophecy Study Edition NKJV - available in leather, hardback or paperback.

"You can now dig deeper than ever into God’s Word and the marvel of prophecy with the new Amazing Facts NKJV Bible, Prophecy Study Edition. Packed with powerful study helps and useful information, it includes all twenty-seven of the popular Amazing Facts Study Guides, the Guide to Bible Prophecy, explanations of Bible numbers and symbols, a concordance, maps, and much more! You won’t find a more thorough and inspiring Bible edition anywhere. And it’s perfect for personal and group Bible studies, witnessing, and as a gift!"

That way you can get all the "helpful" Adventist (Ellen White) interpretations right in you very own Amazing Facts NKJV Bible, Prophecy Study Edition!

Here are their official 28 "Fundamental Beliefs":

SDA Fundamental Beliefs:

  1. Holy Scriptures
  2. Trinity
  3. Father
  4. Son
  5. Holy Spirit
  6. Creation
  7. Nature of Man
  8. Great Controversy
  9. Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
  10. Experience of Salvation
  11. Growing in Christ
  12. Church
  13. Remnant and Its Mission
  14. Unity in the Body of Christ
  15. Baptism
  16. Lord's Supper
  17. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
  18. The Gift of Prophecy
  19. Law of God
  20. Sabbath
  21. Stewardship
  22. Christian Behavior
  23. Marriage and the Family
  24. Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary
  25. Second Coming of Christ
  26. Death and Resurrection
  27. Millennium and the End of Sin
  28. New Earth
Even within the SDA fundamental Beliefs there are some "oddball" headings that we won't find in any Christian set of Fundamental Beliefs. Keep in mind that these ar "Fundamental" Beliefs.

We see within Adventism a totally different set of priorities for one who is theoretically "apostatizing", from the prospective future Adventist that a very discrete Adventism is trying to proselytize. I am not aware of this level of intentional deception within Christian faiths.
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