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Exposing Adventism - Truth or Deception?

I recently stumbled across the following website where another faith is trying to establish an honest dialogue with Seveth-day Adventism. As part of this process they are trying to understand exactly what Seventh-day Adventism teaches.

How many of these bullet points do you feel correctly represent the real Seventh-day Adventist belief system as upheld by Seventh-day Adventist leadership? Does this sound like the Seventh-day Adventist belief system that you came out of? Do you feel like this correctly represents Seventh-day Adventism as portrayed by Fundamental Beliefs? Do you know of any Seventh-day Adventist pastors who have been disciplined for actually putting into practice any of the beliefs communicated below?

Do you feel like the Seventh-day Adventist Church is being open and honest, or are they playing "word games" with the intention of creating a self-congratulatory false impression?

From http://warc.ch/dt/erl1/22.html

Adventist Clarifications
  1. Adventists have grown in their understanding and articulation of doctrine. Therefore, some expressions of their teachings found in earlier publications do not accurately represent their present positions. However, some criticisms levelled against them derive from misinformation and have never been true. In each of the following paragraphs, we express a frequently-asked question ("Q") followed by a brief Adventist reply ("A").
  2. Q: Do Adventists set dates for the second coming of Jesus?
    A: The Seventh-day Adventist Church was organised in 1863, and has never set such dates. It has officially and publicly rejected all such practices, as with attempts to attach significance to the year 2000. Occasionally, an Adventist preacher or writer may have set or implied dates for the second Advent, but they have acted without official endorsement or authority.
  3. Q: Do Adventists believe in Christ's complete atonement on the cross?
    A: Adventists believe that the death of Christ on the cross provided the once-for-all atonement for sins, all-sufficient in its efficacy. Their distinctive view of the high priestly ministry of Christ in the heavenly sanctuary teaches that he is applying the ongoing benefits of his atonement, not adding any value to it.
  4. Q: Are Adventists legalists?
    A: Adventists hold to the Reformation principle of grace alone, faith alone and Christ alone. They teach and preach that as saved people the Lord calls all Christians to holy living. This includes obedience to the Ten Commandments, with Sabbath observance; however, they understand obedience to be the result, not the ground, of salvation.
  5. Q: Do Adventists add to the canon of Scripture?
    A: Adventists believe that the biblical gift of prophecy was manifested in the life and ministry of Ellen G White. They regard her writings highly as providing ongoing counsel, devotional material, and biblical reflection. However, they hold firmly to the principle of sola scriptura, teaching that the Bible is the rule of faith and practice that tests all other writings, including those by Ellen White.
  6. Q: Do Adventists believe that they are the only ones who will be saved?
    A: No. Further, although they understand themselves to be given a particular mission, this is within the larger context of God's activity through many agencies. Their Working Policy states: "We recognise every agency that lifts up Christ before man as a part of the divine plan for the evangelisation of the world" (O100).
  7. Q: Do Adventists neglect the social implications of the gospel?
    A: Adventists have always been engaged in social betterment as part of their understanding of the gospel. They have been reluctant, however, to engage politically in challenging societal structures.


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