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Exposing Adventism - Does Adventism agressively promote Ellen White?

Adventists claim long and loud that Ellen White is NOT being promoted by Adventism, and that we former Adventists need to stick to the Bible. They whine about us former Adventists quoting from SDA prophetess Ellen White. Are they being honest with us?

Why then does the Seventh-day Adventist Church officially promote Ellen White in the adult Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly? The left page is from the inside front cover of the adult Sabbath School Quarterly.

Why do we need Ellen White to "help" us study? What's wrong with the Bible?

Here is a close up of the "Further Study" page:

Look at all those Ellen White references -- and how many Bible references? Are our Adventist friends being honest with us?

An informed Adventist friend of mine, Geoff Marshall, commented to me recently, "If the full truth of Adventist beliefs was presented before any criticism or defense, then there wouldn’t be as much contention as currently exists." I agree completely.

Adventists have no one to blame but themselves for not presenting the full truth from the start. That is precisely the complaint that many non-Adventists have about Adventism. It uses deception to promote its message.

Why do Adventists claim that Adventism promotes the Bible, and the Bible only? The facts speak for themselves. How many Bible references do you see listed in the "Further Study" section? And these people claim they base what they teach on the Bible?

The facts are that we are being lied to.

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