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When Seventh day Adventist ministers go into a community to hold a series of lectures, they conceal, at the first, their denominational connection. They thus hope to draw into their audience people who would never come if they knew that Seventh day Adventists were conducting the meetings. This is a form of deception. There is something the matter with a religious body that is afraid to identify itself as soon as it begins to carry on any activity in a community. (Answers to Objections, Francis Nichol, page 209)


It has undoubtedly been true in years past that Adventists could not have gotten a crowd out to hear them in certain cities, at least, if they had revealed their identity at the outset. But we think that that proves, not the weakness of the Adventist case, but the strength of distorted ideas founded on fanciful myths. The other side of the picture is that many people, after they have attended Adventist meetings for a time, frankly admit that they have changed their ideas about us and are glad that they first came to the meetings not knowing who was conducting them. (Answers to Objections, Francis Nichol, page 209)


I believe you are referring to your distaste for our not always stating up front who we are before we gain a hearing in public meetings. As I have pointed out, your personal taste about "transparency" would invalidate many methods of both Jesus and the Apostle Paul. It would also betray the lives of God's people under persecution. Honesty doesn't require telling everything you know up front. (Kevin Morgan, SDA Pastor)

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