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Exposing Adventism - Satan offers to help Christ with plan of salvation

This has got to be one of Ellen White's most blasphemous statements.

Adventism teaches that Jesus could have sinned. It also teaches that Satan offered to help Jesus with the plan of salvation. Would that have then made Satan Jesus' redeemer?

Satan offered to shoulder the load for the plan of salvation.

As soon as the long fast of Christ commenced in the wilderness, Satan was at hand with his temptations. He came to Christ, enshrouded in light, claiming to be one of the angels from the throne of God, sent upon an errand of mercy to sympathize with him, and to relieve him of his suffering condition. He tried to make Christ believe that God did not require him to pass through self-denial and the sufferings he anticipated; that he had been sent from Heaven to bear to him the message that God only designed to prove his willingness to endure.

Satan told Christ that he was only to set his feet in the blood-stained path, but not to travel it. Like Abraham he was tested to show his perfect obedience. He also stated that he was the angel that stayed the hand of Abraham as the knife was raised to slay Isaac, and he had now come to save his life; that it was not necessary for him to endure the painful hunger and death from starvation; he would help him bear a part of the work in the plan of salvation. (Review and Herald, August 4, 1874)
Jesus could have failed his assignment. Ellen White tells us that Jesus was on probation.
"Christ On Probation – For a period of time Christ was on probation. He took humanity on himself, to stand the test and trial which the first Adam failed to endure. Had he failed in His test and trial, He would have been disobedient to the voice of God, and the world would have been lost." (SDA Bible Commentary, Volume 5, p. 1082; Signs of the Times May 10, 1869)
This is too blasphemous to even contemplate!




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