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Yes! As I have transitioned out of Adventism and into Christianity, I am moving on in my walk with the Lord. It brings with it an excitement, enthusiasm, assurance, and in-depth Biblical understanding of God’s Word I never knew while under the fear and bondage of the Adventist cultic mindset with its reliance on Ellen White’s interpretation for everything.

Like the apostle Paul, it energizes me to not sit idly by and say that I have no future obligation to other transitioning Adventists. The least I can do is witness for my dear Lord and Savior. I feel a renewed earnestness to expose the dark side of Adventism so that anyone who has lingering doubts is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt about how Adventism pretends to be based on the Bible, but still actually gets its authority from the teachings of Ellen White. We must do everything we can to stop the continuing deception.

Like many former Adventists, I feel a passion to do everything I can to warn others of the difference between the gospel of Adventism and the Gospel of Christ. It is in this spirit that I bring to the light of day these continuing beguiling deceptions -- traps set to ensnare those seeking to escape the cultic clutches of Adventism. We owe it to those who follow after us to share with them assurance that Adventism is indeed a very subtle form of counterfeit Christianity with a completely different gospel – a gospel based on legalism and fear, instead of the assurance that the book of Hebrews talks about.

If a transitioning Adventist’s senses haven’t been assaulted enough by the mind-boggling twisted logic of Ellen White, perhaps this latest tired rant from Pacific Union Conference President, Thomas Mostert, will convince sleeping Seventh-day Adventists that at its core all the Adventist negativism hasn’t changed one bit. Not one Bible verse is quoted! No where is a passion for Christ and His infinite gift exhibited. In fact, Tom says sarcastically, “Now our emphasis is on salvation through Jesus, full and complete.”

Yes, Tom. Jesus’ salvation IS full and complete!

From the August 2007 Pacific Union Recorder, President’s Perspective, page 3


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Dear Pacific Union Member:
As some of you who regularly read my letters know, I tend to focus on issues impacting the personal or collective faith and mission of our members and the Church in general. Matters we recognize are there, yet for various reasons are not discussed. Here is my latest hot button issue!
The Zero Sum Equation – More and more Adventist members and some pastors are modifying their fait according to what is or is not convenient to believe and practice. Most do not admit this is the reason, but I have noticed most of the modifications are in the area of sanctification; the process of progressive development of a God-like mind and lifestyle. Few tamper with the basic free gift of salvation. Let me illustrate how it works …
Sanctification – A person is raised with the guilt trip of legalism hanging around their neck in the name of sanctification. It robbed them of peace of mind and made religion an intolerable burden to bear. But they are more enlightened now, and have simply accepted the free gift of salvation provided through the death and resurrection of Jesus. In general, they hope to become more like Him in thought and lifestyle, but any worry about specifics simply destroys their peace of mind. So if it is important, God will bring it to mind – otherwise they practice sanctification only in general terms. Total acceptance of the traditional Adventist understanding of sanctification is ZERO.
Health – Someone decides they will believe in general healthful living, but not worry about the details. Since various studies show the benefits of red wine, and they like the taste and relaxation qualities of it anyway, it is incorporated into their diet – on moderation, of course! Likewise, with coffee. After all, what is a modern lifestyle without a caffeine kick? When the list is finished, the incorporation of the traditional Adventist health message in the lifestyle is ZERO.
Evangelism – Church leaders have attempted to get people involved in various witnessing activities. But they don’t like the pressure to participate, and strangers always scare them. So they say to themselves, “Why go through the pain and discomfort of activities which bring limited results? I’ll settle for saying something positive for God when someone asks me a direct religious question. That leaves it to God to bring me the person, and spares me the time and energy necessary for an unpleasant activity. Anyway, I am so busy with job and family it is impossible to find the time.” Intentional sharing of the Adventist faith with others? ZERO.
Prophecy – Where once it seemed important to have a modern day prophet to warn and instruct us as we prepare for the second coming of Jesus, it is now inconvenient to accept Ellen White’s pointed counsel about personal changes. My, the list is endless! So we look for reasons not to read her; some say she might have simply copied large portions of the material in her books; the church was so legalistic in the past, she probably just flowed with the times. Now our emphasis is on salvation through Jesus, full and complete. Total serious consideration of the prophetic messages from Ellen White = ZERO.
What Do You Have Left? – These are but a few examples of a long list of thought patterns developing in members’ lives. You could add belief in absolutes, the unique mission of the Adventist Church, and faithfulness in tithing. In the end each area equals ZERO. A Church whose distinctive truths have been zeroed out is left with nothing different from the community church down the street. The unique Seventh-day Adventist message and mission is reduced to ZERO.
Sincerely your friend,
Tom Mostert,
President Pacific Union Conference
Gilbert Jorgensen


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