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Exposing Adventism - Christ is missing but we have the Ten Commandments

As I was looking through the Adventist Review and Herald for February 9, 1897, I came across this most telling news report:


I began a series of meetings in Provo City, Dec. 5, 1896, and have continued until the present with increasing interest and attendance. The meetings are held in a fair-sized hall, a little to one side of the business center of town. The hall is well filled nearly every night with attentive hearers. Although we have not concluded the services, some influential families have accepted present truth, and are walking in all God's commandments. I expect to to organize a church here. Will not the brethren and sisters remember at the throne of grace this part of the Lord's vineyard? I am of good courage in the Lord.

C. M. Gardner
January 22
I suppose that the Good News that the apostles taught is not "present truth"?


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