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There is perfect order and harmony in the Holy City. All the angels that are commissioned to visit the earth hold a golden card, which they present to the angels at the gates of the city as they pass in and out. Heaven is a good place. (Early Writings, page 39)

How interesting!

It certainly is enlightening to know that Ellen was shown that "Heaven is a good place."

I wonder what happens if an angel looses his golden card? So they have to present them in order to get out, and also to get back in? Under what circumstances is an angel refused the opportunity to exit the city by these "guard" angels? Who issues the golden cards? What purpose do they serve -- to keep the evil angels from being able to get in or out of the city? Do they only apply to angels traveling to and from the earth?

It's interesting how Ellen always includes herself in the various scenes in a physical way, eg the children with wings flying around like butterflies to other places. She sees a group with a red stripe on their garments, asks what that means, and is told those were people killed for keep the commandments. Evidently none of the "Advent band" were among them, because in Ellen's "visions" they were always with her (or she was with them) -- many times in a "perfect square".

By the way, the "perfect square" must have been just the outside of the group because 144,000 (of which she said she was a part) does not have a squareroot that is a whole number! She often describes the "saints" as "marching" but they must not have been in formation...

I wonder if the "guard" angels have to "work" on Sabbath, or if everything shuts down. Perhaps it is alright to do some types of "work" on Sabbath in Heaven, but not others?

Perhaps they have a tithing system in heaven too?

Also, why a gold card? Gold is not worth much in heaven. Even the streets of the Holy City are gold. And why a card. Perhaps there are so many angels coming and going to earth, especially since (according to adjacent visions) each human being has at least one guardian angel, and if that one has to leave the person they are supposed to be guarding for some reason, another one is sent from heaven to take their place. I wonder if an angel is a "guard" angel, are they are one "for life"?

Yes. "A continuing and authoritative source of truth."

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