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Exposing Adventism - Doctrinal Summary

Seventh-day Adventism teaches that:

  • Christians are still under the Old Covenant (and that the New Covenant is the same thing as the Old)
  • Christians are obligated to observe the sign of the Old covenant (which Adventism teaches is the Sabbath)
  • Christ's atonement was NOT completed at the cross
  • We are saved by a combination of grace and works
  • We play a role in our own salvation
  • Ellen White is the infallable interpreter of Scripture (a prophet)
  • We have to believe in their prophet, or we are rejecting the Holy Spirit
  • Seventh-day Adventists do the job of angels (three ANGEL'S message)
  • Christ is also a created being (Michael the archangel)
  • Christians can NEVER believe or say that we are 'saved'
  • The Sabbath is the 'seal of God'
  • The Sabbath is the 'separating wall' between the lost and the saved
  • The Sabbath is the 'final test of loyalty to God'
  • Sunday is the mark of the beast
  • All other Christians are (or in) Babylon
  • ...and so much more than can be outlined



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